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Cold Coffee is a collection of five heartfelt songs from LA-based singer/songwriter and composer, Stephanie Hatzinikolis. These songs, though uniquely resonant in their own way, connect a feeling of overcoming hardship and recognizing our own individual self-worth. This piano focused, genre-bending indie folk rock/blue-eyed soul EP takes you into a deeper side of music, laced with a full quartet and a strong rhythm section. Approachable and deep, Cold Coffee is Hatzinikolis' way of creating meaningful connections through music.


Live performances of songs from the EP, "Cold Coffee" along with some unreleased covers!


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Stephanie Hatzinikolis is a California-born, piano-rocking singer/songwriter and composer, delivering emotionally dynamic and deep, reflecting messages through her music. With bold, smoky vocals weaving through lyrically intricate piano, Hatzinikolis creates a unique and heartfelt stage, encouraging her listeners to take the lead role. Though being a songwriter is her main musical focus, Stephanie is also a talented composer and orchestrator of cinematic music, extending the same emotional courtesy to all of her musical endeavors.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Hatzinikolis continues to explore her musical path. Her latest project, Cold Coffee EP, was released early 2016. Cold Coffee is a five song collection and Hatzinikolis' second album, connecting a feeling of overcoming hardship and recognizing our own individual self-worth.

Whether it's scoring a soundtrack or placing songs in TV/film, Stephanie Hatzinikolis is ultimately focused on creating meaningful music that connects with us all.

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